Oveck is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York City.

His career began as musician years ago, which gave him the opportunity of performing in some of the most legendary venues in NYC, Chicago, Washington & Miami Beach and others.

In 2009 He fell in love with photography while working in a photography studio in NYC sorting negatives and retouching pictures, which exposed him to many photographers and their techniques, It was then his love for photography began. Over time he started experimenting with artistic portraits; using Photoshop and in-camera, He developed a distinct look on his work adding motion blur, specially on portraits which gave it a psychedelic and painterly look. His work attracted the eyes of a large following on Instagram being featured and suggested on different occasions and also attracted different brands like Sony, Amex, Holdfast Gear and others. In 2016 Sony invited him to be an ambassador of their brand as a photographer, which led to him to travel the world on all sorts of assignments.

In 2020 when an infection left him half blind, he dove into painting and started experimenting with oils on canvas everyday for months; He did not have any formal training prior to this, but was very determined to learn. These days he’s more comfortable with the hobby and transitioned to digital painting, and animation.

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